Poems celebrating women- A Poem for the Woman

I’d be writing a poem for the woman which has a rhyme scheme and then I’d write other poems celebrating women.

A Poem for the Woman

Just as fighting has always been part of humanity,
So has she always fought for freedom from masculinity.
The man has been blessed with immunity,
So she has to put up with his impunity.

Her pride should be in her husband, her children,
She should have no self goals, ’cause that’s the lot for women.
She must only watch and learn,
But she’s never allowed to handle the pen.

She’s seen as a source of entertainment,
She’s just as good as the television.
She’s her husband’s trophy-like-ornament
And she has no right to a vision.

No, she has lain here enough!
It’s time for her to come to her rising!
Though, the journey might be rough,
She’s dogged to go right on fighting!

Like a Proverbs chapter 31 woman,
She must make her mark, in a world dominated by man!
She’ll take her place because she can!
She deserves equality, she’s the modern woman!

Celebrating the woman through poetry

Celebrating the Woman

Celebrating the woman: culture, religion, have dealt her deadly blows below the belt, but she’ll rise. They hold a consensus to keep her below their belts, but she’ll still rise.
”Do not vote, do not go to work, do not go to school, you have no right to dream, you are too feeble to rule, you have no other purpose but to serve men”, they tell her. But, she has a mind of her own, she’s not a robot!
She cooks for him, she cleans for him, she does laundry for him, she sleeps with him, she makes babies for him and she’s his punching bag when he’s frustrated. Yet, she smiles.

She’s stronger than him

She’s Stronger than Him

They call her weak, but she’s stronger than them.
She must bear the pain,the stain, the stench of menstruation every month.
She must bear the nausea, the itching, the fatigue, the weight gain of pregnancy.
An observant husband cries like a baby at the horrors of labour. Some faint and lose consciousness, just for standing by an watching the torture of labour, their wives go through.
Sometimes, she dies, bringing her child to the world.
And when she lives through it, she has a world of work waiting for her. She has to feed her child, carry her, change her diapers, bath her, round the clock. Her life is a flurry of activities. Her sleep is stolen. She has no rest day or night. While the man has an option to help, for her, it’s non negotiable.
She must be strong for her children, she must be strong for her husband, she must be strong for herself. Although, she’s not muscular, yet she’s stronger than him.

gender-inequality in the modern world

The Modern Woman

Early in the morning, she wakes up to make breakfast and pack lunch for her family.
She makes school runs and still dashes to work just as her husband did. She gets back from work, and rushes to the kitchen to make dinner. While Mr husband sits in the parlour and gets entertained.
Her weekends are just as hectic. Piles of laundry to be done, a dirty house to be scrubbed, are but a few of the items on her busy schedule. At the end of the day, she’s dead on her feet. She falls into a fitful sleep, where her dreams are riddled with check lists and to-do lists.
She must juggle between, motherhood, house chores, being a wife and her career. She’s a modern woman, she’s a strong woman.


This post is dedicated to celebrating The International Women’s Day.

40 thoughts on “Poems celebrating women- A Poem for the Woman

  1. These are lovely and inspiring poems. The poems are well constructed and It makes me appreciate women the more.This is the most comprehensive poem I have ever read on your blog . The topic I appreciate the most out of all the poems is “The modern woman” . Thanks for sharing. Its well appreciated

  2. Did you write this poem?  If so, you did an amazing job!  I love it!  I have always wanted to write poems but I have no creativity whatsoever.  It appears that you do!  Great poem to celebrate International Woman’s Day!  And yes!   Modern women are strong women for sure.  We have come a long way, but we do wear a lot more hats these days 🙂

  3. These are amazing poems, very powerful content!  It seems like the woman bears the weight of the world on her shoulders and then gets the least amount of respect, or none at all.

    I can relate to these in some ways but I do put my foot down when its too much.

    You really do have a way with words I hope you continue adding more content.  I wonder if you might put the pictures above each poem respectively.

    1. Yeah Amanda, you have just the words. She carries the world and gets little or no respect. 

      I hope I do too. 

  4. First of all i love the illustrative animate picture i first saw while reading your article. I also really celebrate women as today is their day. Your poem about womanhood is so inspiring, I particularly love the part in which you said she is stronger than him and that particular phrase “sometimes she dies bringing her child into the world”. This really got me emotional, as indeed women are really stronger than we men. Thanks so much for this emotional and inspiring post.

  5. Thanks for taking your time to write poem for woman. I must commend you for the job well-done and I hope to see more of this from you

    there is a saying in my language which is “At the back of every successful Man there is always a wonderful woman that has been supporting him and encouraging him to do the right thing.Woman is a symbol of beauty, woman is a symbol of peace and women are wonderful. ,without woman there is nothing we can call a home 

  6. Good afternoon,

    The drawing on your post depicts all the hurdles women have to take in life. Your different poems are so good and precise telling of what women have to go through in life. Yes, indeed, we are the stronger sex.

    I am very happy I read this today. Today is Womensday worldwide and looking at the tv I see millions of women marching for their rights. It will probably take at least 100 more years to perhaps reach some equality. I will not be here anymore to see that but really hope it will happen.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Taetske, you’re making me feel on top of the world with all these compliments. Thanks for taking your time to pitch in your opinion. And I’m happy you read it too. 

  7. Firstly, happy women’s day. I appreciate my mother, my sister’s, my girlfriends, all my female teachers, colleagues, friends and all the beautiful women out there. I for one does not look at the female gender as weak. The truth is women are getting more equality now, but gender equality dies not necessarily translate to equity. I appreciate all women around the world, irrespective of the different challenges they have to face. 

  8. Hi there. This is really emotionally cool. One thing that really caught my attention on the first page, talking about how men have been blessed with immunity is really true. Truly, women need to be celebrated because they always go through a lot, especially from men. I need to memorise this poem and sing it as a song for my girlfriend to appreciate them

  9. Happy international women’s day to all the wonderful women. I love women – my mother, my wife and my lovely daughter.

    behind every successful man is a good woman. Women are wonderful creatures lovingly, compassionate, adorable and great to behold. You can only understand how beautiful women are if you are fortunate enough to have a good one like me – as a mother wife and daughter!

    women are the joy of life, they have shown us men in many ways and instances that they are not just for the kitchen. Some of them have made presidents, Mitchell made Obama,  Hilary made Clinton…….. I read somewhere that Mitchell was at a bar  with Obama and the bar tender was Mitchel’s ex boyfriend so Obama tised  his wife – “if you had married him you would have been tending to the bar”! Her response? Yes I have it, she said no he (the ex boyfriend) would have been the president!

    hope you get the message?

    women are wonderful. Happy woman’s day!

  10. Wow. I’m feeling all emotional yet happy to see these poems dedicated to women.

    Women has been in perpetual struggle for equality and rights for ages now and the equality and rights are even long overdue because the female gender handles more struggles in life than her male counterpart. They have been neglected and looked upon as a trophy -for the husband. But now all those are past as women are now celebrated all around the world through Mother’s Day and Women’s day.

    I am happy to have women in my life; my mother and sisters. They have sacrificed a lot for me.

    Happy Women’s day.

  11. I love poetry, and I love that you have a post here celebrating women’s poetry. I have so much poetry written and always wonder if it would be a good idea to do something like this with them. You’re a very creative writer and have some great poems here. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Jen, thanks for the kind words.
      You should try putting your poems out there. You’d be surprised how much people will love them.

  12. I write poems too, but I must confess this well structured and finely used language flatters me. The choice of words, as well as the ability to employ the literal meaning of various strong words to drive home your points, is a beautiful skill. Women are worth more than we value them and should be celebrated always.

  13. Thanks for writing this article on poem for woman. 

    This is my first time of reading poem that is meant to celebrate a woman ,this poem really make my day.

    It talks about all the struggle and all the things women pass through on a daily basis. 

    Shoutout to woman all good woman out there for I feel their pain and I know there is going to be equality for all one day both in Africa and all over the world 

  14. Great Content and Information!

    What a concise and thorough article. I found the post very detailed and Informative. I am not a woman but I do appreciate how God created women because they are the salt of a good home. Every home need a mother and thats why you can’t see a happy family without a woman. Thanks for sharing this lovely article, It makes me love my wife the more

  15. I am so emotional right now. Just feel like crying. I love my mum so much, I love my sister, l love my wife, I love my daughters so much, I love all the women in the world for being a woman. Your poem just showed me why women should be celebrated. For me, they are to be celebrated everyday

  16. Thanks for sharing. You’re a very talented writer! I always celebrate International Women’s Day and share images and stories on my own Facebook page but also at my workplace. There is a strong correlation with perceptions of equality and respect for women, and the level of violence perpetrated against women. It all starts with respect and equality. In societies where women are respected (such as the Netherlands), violence against women is very low. In patriarchal societies where women are disrespected it is high. That’s why we need to continue speaking out on days such as International Women’s Day (and every day!) to promote respect for women, equality, and the elimination of violence against women.

    Keep up your awesome work!!

    1. Hi Melissa, thanks for your thoughts. 

      The gender inequality prevalent in the world, is beginning to dissipate, because of women that voice out. 

  17. Thanks for writing out this poem to support woman. We can not do without woman because they are the source of pregnancy. Life isn’t complete without woman. Your article has giving me an insight to diversify my hip pop music into poetry music. Hope to see more of your post,great job done. You’re indeed a Wonder Woman 

    best regards…

  18. Seriously, what a captivating poem and i must confess am really amazed with this…this is most interesting peom have ever read so far and i believe women out there will be happy seeing this..this is a nice poem to celebrate the International women’s day and i hope to see more kudos to writer..

  19. Hi there

    I really love this poem. Women need to be celebrated like this more because they are the suace that make this world tasty. The image of gender equality in the modern world really got me emotional about the real struggle of women. They truly need to be celebrated.  You really did amazing job

  20. Great article for my mother,  i have to bookmark this article to dedicate it during mothers day.  I wish today was mothers day,  I would have dedicated to my lovely mum. I wish my darling wife could reach this post Andy know how special she is to me.  But no worries she has to read it as i already know it 

  21. Awesome poem! These are amazing, lovely and inspiring poems that radiates my heart with the importance of my mom. 

    This post actually expresses to us the important of women to the world. This was a gift to my mum. I would definitely recommend it as a gift to women of all ages. Her legacy has been well earned. 

  22. Hi, that was amazing. Reading through your poems got me shading tears especially “She is Stronger than Him”. Women are strong both emotionally and physically, even though we might look fragile from the outside. I know a family friend whose husband refused making any more baby as a result of labour pains he watched the wife go through during her first delivery.

    Some women are usually sick throughout their pregnancy period to the extent of being constrained to bed rest, yet they keep on having positive mindset, caring for their home. A woman’s life is truly full of flurry activities. Thanks for sharing these amazing poems, their lyrics are great.

  23. A great set of poems celebrating women. You get the sentiment, the perception of how women are viewed and taken for granted. Whatever women do and how hard they work, it’s not viewed as worthwhile.

    “She’s seen as a source of entertainment. Just as good as the television.” Yes, looked upon as superficial with no depth or feeling. Not seen as a visionary. The fight feels futile at times. It is relatable to most.

    Women have to fight kicking and screaming for every advancement. Men are entitled to every advantage. Women, on the other hand, work ten times more to receive any achievement or recognition.

    Very creative and interesting read. Words well put together with great depth and clarity. Please add to this post. And Thank You

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